Discharge instructions on mobile phones

  • Better outcomes
  • More reach
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Better bottom line

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Reaching patients on their mobile phones drives better adherence

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Reaching patients before and after hospital procedures

HealthySteps App

A secure app for iPhone and Android that sends provider-specific daily reminders, video, medication, and contact information to patients

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Do this thing today

We present the most important "to-do's" front-and-center, so patients know exactly what to do, and when, to stay on track.

  • Pre-op checklists
  • Procedure-day instructions
  • Making follow-up appointments
  • Scheduling physical therapy
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Communicating complex instructions

A suite of subject-specific videos, in your voice, helps patients understand complex concepts.

  • "Meet your hospital care team"
  • "What your procedure will be like"
  • "Here's the proper way to care for your wound"
  • "Bend your knee this way, not that way"
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A complete list of resources

Encourage early communication of problems and concerns

  • Nurse lines to triage issues
  • Follow-up appointment scheduling
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Community resources
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They see what the patient sees

Involving caregivers raises compliance and outcomes.

  • Patient invites caregivers into the app
  • They get same alerts and info the patient gets
  • Encourages follow-ups
  • Strengthens drug copliance

Additional features

  • Two-way communication from patient to provider
  • Content & branding specific to provider and health condition
  • Third-party expert content available
  • SMS for non-smartphones

How do we know this works?

A number of respected scientists have measured health outcomes in populations that use digital health technology to effect behavior change

Infield technology

Controlled experiments with published data

Similar interventions

Controlled experiments with published data in peer reviewed journals
All are mobile group vs. control group

Who are we and how it all got started. Our story.

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Patient communication is broken.

It isn't anyone's fault, per se. Rather, when insanely busy doctors brief anxious patients on what-to-do-and-when, things fall through the cracks. Often, patients go home thinking, "Wait, what am I supposed to do again?" And when things don't get done -- medications, follow-ups, additonal therapies -- everyone loses.

We started Infield in 2009 with one mission: Put that information on a patient's mobile phone. Early, we focused on public health initiatives: Cancer prevention, heart-healthy living, and healthy choices. Our projects were written up in respected journals (JAMA), major media outlets (CNN, New York Times), and supported three IRB-reviewed randomized controlled trials.

Now, we're focused 100% on easing the transition into and out of the hospital. We believe that better communication, through the one device everyone uses everyday, makes care more efficient and betters outcomes. It's what we're 100% committed to.

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Douglas Naegele


Handles business and technology development.

Previously, Doug was a scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was on a team that led to the creation of an FDA-approved treatment for Hepatitis C: Incivek (telaprevir). In addition, he is a co-inventor of pre-clinical compounds related to immunosuppression and psoriasis. Doug was also involved in healthcare finance at the National Cooperative Bank in Washington DC
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Alison Pilsner

Client Services

Handles content development and new provider rollout.

Previously, Alison worked as the eHealth/New Media Strategist for the SmokeFree.gov suite of campaigns as well as a Health Communication Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute.
Alison is CPH and CHES certified, serves as a Spanish medical interpreter for global health care missions, and is a faculty member of The University of Colorado.
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Kunal Bajaj

Data analytics

Handles patient and adherence data modeling.

Kunal has led projects in healthcare data analytics for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Sanofi Adventis and several other healthcare firms. He's also led projects in the banking and insurance sectors. Kunal earned a BS in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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