Engaged Patients Get Better, Faster 

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Care for your workforce

When employees are injured, either at home or on the job, everyone's goal is a safe and speedy recovery. We help your workforce navigate treatment plans and stay on-track for an on-time return to work. Because when employees return quickly and safely, everyone wins.

  • Better return-to-work
  • Better employee satisfaction
  • Lower overall health cost



Care for your patients

After scheduling a hospital procedure, your patients have a million questions. In addition, their at-home decisions about drug compliance, follow-up appointments, and adhering to rehab services can impact your hospital's bottom line. We help your patients stay on-track with their recovery, which is good for everyone.

  • Better adherence
  • Better patient satisfaction
  • Better rehab enrollment
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Douglas Naegele

Founder and CEO

Doug started Infield to help ease the pain and confusion around hospital events.  A former drug inventor, he spends his time creating technology and partnerships that help patients heal faster.


  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • NCB (healthcare finance)


  • Harvard University
  • George Washington U, MBA
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Alison Pilsner

Director, Client Services

Alison was an eHealth/New Media Strategist for the SmokeFree.gov suite of campaigns as well as a Health Communication Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute.  She is also a faculty member of The University of Colorado.


  • NCI
  • Craig Rehab Hsoptial


  • University of Pittsburgh, MPH and BS

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Kunal Bajaj

Director, Data Analytics

Kunal has led projects in healthcare data analytics for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Sanofi Adventis and several other healthcare firms. 


  • RevAscent
  • MicroStrategy


  • Carnagie Mellon University

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Janica Lee

Manager. Health Marketing

Janica worked for Glooko, where she helped to oversee clinical trials and technology. She also served as a research assistant on an NIH-funded sport psychology study. Janica was the captain of her Division I NCAA swim team.


  • Glooko
  • Uber


  • George Washington U

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